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chaperone n : one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people [syn: chaperon] v : accompany as a chaperone [syn: chaperon]

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  1. An older person who accompanies other younger people to ensure the propriety of their behaviour, often an older woman accompanying a young woman.
  2. A protein that assists the non-covalent folding/unfolding and the assembly/disassembly of other macromolecular structures, but does not occur in these structures when the latter are performing their normal biological functions.


  1. to act as a chaperone


  • 2006: 'Purcell had volunteered to chaperone a delegation of female students' — The New Yorker, 17 April 2006, page 27.

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Chaperone may refer to:
  • Chaperone (social), or chaperon, an adult who supervises one or more unmarried men or women during social occasions
  • Chaperone (clinical), a person whose has a role to witness both a patient and a medical practitioner


  • Chaperone (protein), a protein that assists the non-covalent folding/unfolding in molecular biology
  • Co-chaperone, a protein that assists a chaperone in protein folding and other functions
  • Pharmacological chaperone, a small molecule which stabilizes the correct folding of a protein resulting in a recovery of function lost due to mutation, can be used for medical treatment

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